Useful Parent Information

From what your child should wear to what they should bring!  Here is some useful information for parents.


  • Your child should feel comfortable when they come to pre-school. For many, this is wearing their regular clothes. But remember at pre-school we like to have fun, and this can be messy fun! 

  • At Chieveley Pre-School we do have a uniform, although it is optional we believe it is a way for the children to feel part of the pre-school and is a great way to protect their own clothing. It's also useful in preparing them for 'big' school!

  • Our uniform consists of sweatshirts and t-shirts - all uniform can be ordered directly, with our pre-school logo from Skoolkit in Newbury.

  • If you do not wish to send your child in uniform we just ask that you do not use their best clothes!


What your child will need to bring:

  • A named drawstring bag (available to purchase from pre-school) with a change of clothes. Learning through play can be messy! Your child may get muddy, wet, or covered in paint, also useful in case of toilet accidents.

  • Lunch box. We normally recommend that lunchboxes contain sandwiches, yogurts, fruit etc. We try to discourage things like processed ready foods, fizzy drinks and chocolate.

  • A named water bottle. We have fresh water readily on hand throughout the day but your child may prefer to bring their own water bottle.

  • Seasonal essentials. Whatever the weather we like to go outside, so your child will need the appropriate clothing, such as a sun hat, sun cream, waterproof coat, welly boots, hat & gloves.

  • Nappies/ medication or inhalers; if needed.