Our Parent Run Committee

Do you know...

  • Who manages Chieveley Pre-school?

  • Who employs the staff, sets pay and issues contracts? 

  • Who sets policies and fees? 

  • Who chooses and organises fundraising activities?

The answer is “Parents do!”


Chieveley Pre-school is very lucky to have a voluntary committee of parents who manage our Pre-school.  Without its dedicated and enthusiastic committee, the Pre-school would not be able to operate.  We need to have a committee of at least 5 members (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary posts are required) to legally exist, or the Pre-school would have to close.  Parents play an important role in the running of our Pre-School. Infact, 'Parent power’ has ensured the running of Chieveley Pre-school for almost 50 years!

Our current committee members include:

  • Chair - Jenny Hopps

  • Vice Chair - Vacancy

  • Treasurer - Catherine Baxendale

  • Secretary - Grainne Colgan

  • PR Advertising - Julia Nesbitt

  • Members - Tricia Johnson