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Ofsted Rating: GOOD

Chieveley Pre-School was inspected by Ofsted in Dec 2019. We're very proud to have been rated GOOD. Below are some comments made by Ofsted from our report.

  • 'Children's behaviour is good. Staff provide them with strong role models and share consistent messages about the pre-school rules with them. Children learn to respect the needs of others. For example, they learn about democracy when they vote to select a story'.

  • 'Staff praise children's achievements regularly and encourage them to value their individual uniqueness. This helps children to develop a good sense of self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities. Children are learning to listen and to follow instructions, which prepares them well for school'.

  • 'Older children develop good mathematical skills. They confidently count in sequence up to five and many can count well beyond this number. They are beginning to recognise numbers and understand simple calculations. This was demonstrated well when children worked out how many more sugar cubes they needed to fill in pictures of penguins. Younger children develop their sensory skills as they are inspired to explore the texture of ice and foam. They enjoyed the feel of the foam on their hands'.

  • 'Parents report that they are very pleased with the care provided for their children. They find staff friendly and welcoming, and say that their children enjoy attending the pre-school. Staff share a range of information with them in newsletters, room displays and through regular discussions'.

  • 'The newly appointed manager, staff and parent committee work successfully together as a team to promote good outcomes for children. The management team follows robust recruitment procedures to help check that staff are suitable to work with children'.

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